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Great Food At An Affordable Price by Greg - From UrbanSpoon.com
"I am soon to be a SUNY Cortland student and while visiting the college, we stopped at Brix Pubaria for a quick bite to eat as it was very crowded and looked promising. The place is a nice size inside and since that first time going there I've been back several times and it's always crowded.

The first thing I should mention about Brix are the prices and deals they have all year round whether college is going on or not. The alcohol is extremely cheap and the beer is even cheaper. An example is their $6.00 pitchers. A side from that, some days it's even cheaper. They have tons of specialty mixed drinks like the "607" that you would wish most bars would carry, but that's one of the reasons why Brix is unique.

Next is their wide range of food. My favorite thing here is the pizza. I believe each pizza is 12 inches and they have an area in the back where you can get just slices (large slices at that.) They have a ton of different pizzas like Buffalo chicken, chicken, bacon, ranch pizza, cheeseburger pizza, Greek salad pizza, Reuben pizza, Philly Cheese steak pizza, and traditional pizza plus tons of others. The pizza is incredible (Buffalo Chicken is my favorite) and has such an indescribable taste that can only be defined as amazing and cooked to perfection.

A side from the pizza, they have a ton of other great items like unique calzones, burgers, wings, seafood, pasta dishes, steaks, salads, gigantic sandwiches, and interesting appetizers like wanton nachos. On top of these great items, there are daily deals like my personal favorite which is on Monday's that includes either two pizzas and a pitcher of beer, two orders of wings and a pitcher of beer, OR a pizza, order of wings and a pitcher of beer for only $20, the choice is up to you. Along with that deal, there are several others throughout the week.

Lastly, the staff is incredibly friendly, courteous and fast whether it is busy or not. I love Brix Pubaria and plan on going many more times. It is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to and you won't find a more unique menu with this great of deals anywhere. I give Brix 5/5 stars. I recommend anyone in this area to try it and I promise you won't be disappointed."

Impressed by Tom – urbanspoon.com
"I was pleasantly surprised by everything at Brix. With all the hype surrounding the impending opening, I was prepared to be let-down. This was not the case, however.

I had one of their sandwiches. Ingredients all worked well together for a delicious sandwich. I thought the portions were generous for the price. Brix has a very cool feel inside, I love the layout.

I will be returning to sample more menu items. Compliments to the proprietors, as they seem to have done their homework

Atmosphere by Cheryl - urbanspoon.com
"Our first visit to Brix was a good one - sat at the pizza bar and watched the action as pizzas were tossed and baked in the brick oven. Bonus - it was nice and warm by the oven ;)

I suggest if you come in the main entrance, that you check out the deli area - there you can buy slices and salads, etc. Lots of variety there, as well as on the menu. Service was a bit slow, but the conversation with the pizzamakers made the wait very tolerable. The sandwiches were generously portioned, and filling. The pizzas looked great, and I wish we'd ordered one! Total bill was about $53 with dessert to go for 2 of us. Kind of steep for a pizza place, but the atmosphere sure beat somewhere like Papa John's!! All in all a very good time! I'll visit again soon for the pizza!"

Yelp.com - Mellissa
"I was excited to check out Brix while in my hometown, more excited to see its NOT JUST ANOTHER PIZZA SPOT!

The menu is large: soups, sandwiches, burgers, and custom pizzas. A lot of VEGAN and VEGGIE options. They also have a biweekly menu that changes, adding some local flavor (chicken speidie calzones), super cute. The grilled veggie plate was a huge pile of grilled squash, zucchini, mushrooms and other veggies drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette over a bed of romaine yum! I ordered the french onion soup, and had to refrain from licking the bowl it was so good, but the entire time I eyed a neighboring table and their mac n cheese (def a plate to be shared)!

GREAT DRINK MENU! I ordered an impressive martini made with hand stuffed blue cheese olives. A small, but awesome detail. My mother had one of many draft beers, and my sister order from a rather large wine list.
The rock and roll theme stands out immediately after you enter. It seems edgy, but not offensive, you can take your family. Brix has so much attention to detail with the menus, tee shirts, local artwork, ceiling, walls, everything is so nicely done, my friends and I argued whether Brix was a chain or not. I was even impressed checking out the website (to settle the argument).

The owner really thought of everything with Brix. You think its a Hard Rock Cafe-ish cheesy chain, but to find out its a locally owned business makes it rather awesome. Def one of the better alternatives to greasy bar food or tiny, casual pizzerias in the area. I will be sure to return with friends!

Also, they have a quick pick up section, delivery, huge bar area and were open on Sundays! Totally worth stopping in when you're in the area, or even exiting the highway if you get hungry while traveling!

I look forward to stopping at Brix when I drop off my son for college in Cortland.  I am amazed that the Napoli pizza shines past most Pizza places on Long Island. While it is not a Grimaldies it can easily be a second place winner. I found the wings perfectly prepared and the Guinness draught clean and refreshing.  Any time someone would like to open a Brix on Long Island I am looking forward to being a loyal customer.   Worth a visit"